I've started tech blogging straight after finishing high school in May 2008. I wanted to track my progress as a software developer and start building my professional image. Today, over 7 years later, I have to admit it was one of the best decisions in my whole career. I've met hundreds of interesting people, made a few friends, gained some fame in Polish dev community and got some lucrative gigs as a consultant — all these thanks to my blog. It served me as a real platform for personal development during my years at uni. So why I'm starting all over? Read along, answer at the end of this post.


As techies, we all love numbers. Let's talk about them. First, basic info — I wrote total 94 posts (with 195 comments) in 88 months which gives us about 1.07 posts a month. Yep, I had problems with regular writing. Second, a screenshot from my Google Analytics account:

Screenshot from Google Analytics for a lifetime of my blog

It's not super impressive, but I'm very happy with it. Polish dev community is not that big also content was very specialized.

About 80% of the traffic was attracted by posts about developing operating systems with a course about writing your own UNIX clone. The series was immensely popular and linked to from various blogs and forums. It became famous after winning a blog competition run by Maciej Aniserowicz (thanks Maciej!). I'm glad that in 2015, when people are writing mainly websites and mobile apps, low–level programming is still a thing! 10% of the traffic are my rants about my beloved Warsaw University of Technology and single post about setting up Emacs as a C/C++ IDE (someone even used it to produce articles on Wikibooks). Rest 10% are .NET things, reviews of Polish tech events and other garbage.

If you want to know more numbers, ask in the comments. I'll do my best to deliver accurate answer.


There's one thing I regret about my blog — I started writing in Polish. It seemed like a great idea in 2008, but since then my career has changed substantially. I no longer limit myself to Polish dev community, I travel a lot, I run my very own company that delivers software worldwide and I communicate in English every day. All of these made me want to share my knowledge with broader audience.

Better outreach is absolutely the main reason for starting from scratch. Another, minor one, is that I wanted to sort of underline the fact that being an independent software consultant is now a closed chapter of my life. It's hard to explain, but having new personal website helped me to achieve that feeling.

I'm still going to write about tech, obviously. Currently I'm very much into functional programming (and Scala ecosystem in particular) and distributed systems, so prepare for hardcore discussions about that topics. However, I'm not going to focus solely on code snippets and rants about new frameworks. As software business turned out to be much more interesting than I expected, I'm planning to share my thoughts about 'softer' subjects like building teams, managing projects, marketing, selling and everything else that goes along with producing software.

Old blog is now available at, but I made sure to not break any links using smart redirects. If you don't want to miss any new content, subscribe to my RSS or even better, subscribe to my newsletter — I'm going to send some extra content there!